This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Hello, Everyone!

After a couple years of gaming on my children’s consoles, my eldest, GoldAurora, has convinced me to start posting my gaming experiences on YouTube and Gold is my webmistress. I am an old audio engineer and tech laborer who has found greatest happiness in two worlds.

First world is my family. This is where my greatest joys in life lie.

My work is no longer in the world of audio or soldering circuit boards. I now work as a mom and grandma, and moonlight as an English/Social Science tutor at a local college. I find great satisfaction and joy in sharing my passion for words and History with my family as well as tomorrow’s leaders.

Second world is my gaming. This is where my greatest efforts and challenges  in life now li

As a wordie, part-time historian, and console/P.C. gamer I have discovered that sharing with my family my experiences and insights have been helpful when it came to writing resumes, and even giving some game tips to my kids and friends. Gold suggested I start to blog and share some video of gaming by a 60 year old, semi-retired grandma – namely, me.

So, it is with some trepidation and much excitement that I will join the ranks of gamers who, through many of their shared insights, guides and sharing of experiences, helped me learn and even beat some pretty cool and gnarly games. If I can bring other seniors into the ranks of console and PC gaming, I truly believe that they will have loads of fun, can learn something new, and even keep their minds sharper by problem solving and beating challenges that action gaming offers. There is little evidence that gaming will improve intelligence or make us smarter, but it does keep my mind active as I solve obstacles in my path to gaining gobs of imaginary wealth and power.

It would be neglectful for me not to name my Games and Platforms here:

  1.  PlayStation 2
  2.  PlayStation 4
  3. P.C.
  4. PlayStation 3
  5. Android

My top current game is Final Fantasy X-2 by Square Enix.  Having beaten FFX three times (never with maxed weapons) I am in my 3rd play through with FFX-2 on PlayStation2 and look forward to playing Final Fantasy Games on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

My current P.C. game is The Sims 4 by EA Games and published through Origin. but I have a true soft spot for Sims 2 and own the Ultimate Edition online. I have been so passionate about the Sims, I served as a moderator on two websites, Sims2CarSource  and Sims 2 Plaza. I even uploaded some recolors and supported several fan sites, particularly, Sims2CarSource and Insimenator.net, and donated to a few modders who contributed  those sites.

I love the creative and wonderful works that enhanced my gaming experience in many ways. I have friends from S2Carsouce who will remain among my most cherished acquaintances for my lifetime. I have met a few of them and continued association with virtually all my Sims 2 buds. Sadly, I have not had the joy of being such a supporter and friend of Sims 4 gamers and modders.

At the outset, my first gaming shares will be mostly FFX-2 and Sims 4. I have some videos and might give some game tips for both. My videos will be uploaded to YouTube and I would love it if you find something useful from what I share, and enjoy the videos.

Meanwhile, Happy Gaming, All!